25 Mar

Nhair deformed Yeti grooms – part 1

We discuss a technique to deform your Yeti based hair styling by guiding grooms.
This way you are not forced to use guide nodes to groom your hair and you are still able to choose between corrective grooms and nhair simulation on a shot base.

UPDATED 12.02.2017


8 thoughts on “Nhair deformed Yeti grooms – part 1

  1. Hi!

    Great tutorial! This definitely helps clarifying the nHair –> Yeti work flow which is not always very intuitive. Nevertheless, I would add a small detail. To make this work with deformed meshes, you have to store the guide’s rest positions after converting them. To make the groom follow better the guides, you can also lower the number of influence curves on the guide set to 1. But this alone will never be enough, so your proposition to increase the base and tip attraction is just fine. You just won’t need to crank up the weight.


  2. Hi guys,

    when exactly do I need to save the guides rest position in order to get it to work with deforming meshes. Do I need to select the curves after I converted them from the groom or do I need to do this on the outputCurves from the nHair ?

    Thank you !

    • Hey there
      You need to set the guide curve rest pose and the base and start attraction values on those curves which you want to use for deformation. So that would be your nhair output curves.
      And you need to do this while the curves and the mesh are still undeformed.

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