13 Sep

parting lines in Yeti

In this tutorial I explain how to create parting lines in Yeti with the help of an additional groom which can be used to paint lines as one may know it from houdini.


2 thoughts on “parting lines in Yeti

  1. Hi Mario!
    Again, a great tutorial about Yeti and how to do things that do not work ‘out-of-the-box’. The length ‘bug/feature’ though sounds a bit scary. Did you contact Colin about that?

    • Hey Carlo

      About overwriting the length, yea I am not sure if this is the expected behavior but it is only a temporary solution. I am already in contact with colin for a better way of doing this. Basically what one wants to do is to sample the root positions of the input groom onto the fibres and then calculate a falloff which gets applied to the clump. For some reason the sampling currently doesn’t work so I am waiting for a fix there.

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