9 thoughts on “Yeti and Arnold – Part5

  1. Really useful series of videos – many thanks!

    Can I as which version of MtoA you are using? We haven’t updated for a bit (partly for Yeti), but I think you are on a version after 1.2.3?


    • Hey Dave, glad you like them

      Mtoa with Yeti 2.0.26
      But this week a new Yeti version is coming out with Mtoa 1.3.x support

  2. Hi Mario!

    Radius of influence 0, means infinity. So all guides (up to a certain fixed amount) have some influence (depending on distance). The influence might be small, but there is still influence. If you put a very small value, all other guides that are further away than the applied distance are ignored and have no influence at all. This is no bug, just normal behavior.


    • Yep infinite was clear to me, but that it is a normal behavior that it still got influence on other strands if they directly sit on a guide was something which I didn’t know.


  3. Hi Mario, awesome tutorials helping me a lot.

    I am making a rooster for my University production and I am having trouble getting the featherIDatt to texture the feathers. I am using Vray so I am using the Vray scalar node but im stumped on how to switch the textures for the different feathers.
    I got the different feathers to show up and Ii can texture them all the same thing using a ramp with the feather_uvw attribute. but I would like to use different ramps and textures for the separate feathers.

    Im sure i followed your video, im not sure what part is not working.


    • Hey Isaac, sorry for the late reply. I got no experience with Vray and I am not sure how well the whole attribute workflow is integrated nowadays.

  4. Hi,
    Very useful tutorials.if its possible to provide the scenes file along with the video it would be great help for every one.especially part 4 and 5.

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